Vereniging voor Explosieven Opsporing

Centrale belangenbehartiger voor opsporen Conventionele Explosieven! 

Dutch Association for UXO Detection

Central representative body for remediation of UXO!

The detection of so-called Unexploded Ordnance  (UXO) is work for professionals. In the Netherlands this work is undertaken by specialised (and certified) firms. The Dutch  Association for remediation of UXO  (VEO) is the sector organisation for firms involved in remediation of UXO detection of unexploded objects. The VEO represents a significant number of certified detection firms in the Netherlands. The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit (EOD) of the Ministry of Defence is involved as the VEO observer. 

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The main objective of the VEO is to promote the quality and safety of remediation of UXO. Further information about the specific activities of the VEO can be found elsewhere on this website. The VEO is the information hub for UXO and within that framework we regularly organise UXO Network Meetings. We also maintain excellent contact with the various government agencies involved and with other stakeholders within our specialist field of operation.

For further information please contact Mr Arjan Hol (secretary) and/or Mr Jan van Belzen (Chairman). 

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